NTheLoop.Org Inc. is a non-for-profit structured under the section 402 of the not-for-profit law of the State of New York addressing social and economic stagnation preventing civic involvement in low-come communities. We Strengthen low income-urbanized communities and assemble strong people by delivering the social and economic services necessary to participate in civic matter that adversely affect self-sufficiency and sustainability.

We target but not confined to:   District 12, Congressional District 16 and New York City Housing Authority Communities

We have four divisions and Three *subdivisions:

  • The People’s Voice  | Advocacy and Organizing
  • Present Your Best |Economic and Career Development
  • BxSupports |Disaster Relief and Aid
  • Champions |Recreation



  • Awareness Magazine | Charity and Philanthropy
  • Real Talk Blog Live | Radio Show
  • 4SureHire | Staffing Agency


We advocate and address the following community issues parallel to New York City’s Council Committees:

  • Public Housing
  • Public Safety
  • General Welfare (HRA, DHS and ACS)
  • Education
  • Voting
  • Government Operations
  • State and Federal Legislation
  • Economic Development
  • Civil and Human Rights

We serve the “at risk” population offering a multitude of programs.

  • Incarceration
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Domestic Violence
  • Unemployment
  • Immigration
  • Adult Literacy

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