BxSupports Sandy Disaster Relief

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July 8, 2017 by dgreatiam

We have bear witness to Sandy’s affects in Queens, Far Rockaway and the need is greater than one can imagine.  Thanks to the many people doing what they can to feed, cloth, and shelter; hope still lives.

But so many are in need and are getting mostly food donations which are awesome.  They have expressed what they needs are and we are accepting ONLY those items, please see list below…NO CASH.    WE CAN PICK UP YOUR DONATIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT bxsupports@ntheloop-org.org and we will send a volunteer to get your donations.

We  collect: (just to name a few but not limited to)

***Household items

Mops, brooms, dust pans, garbage bags, cleaning items (bleach),

Paper towels, bathroom tissue,etc.

***Personal Hygiene

Women:sanitary napkins(pads), deodorant, hair product (brush, combs), etc.

Men: deodorant, shaving cream, soap, ,etc.

Children: Pampers (in all sizes) and wipes; baby food, cereal, body wash, lotion, etc.

General:Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, wash cloth


Water, Water, and more Water

Can goods, boxed foods, fresh fruits, chips

Baby food all stages, cereal, and juice etc.



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