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Standing up and with individuals and families who are products of social steering and profiling, organize civically to change public policy disparities and become much more active on political issues.

Standard of Operations – Advocacy

We assist those in need  understand, navigate and comply with government policies and procedures in obtaining social services, governed to provide the public, is strictly for the recipient  in accordance of the providing government entity.

We are not in connection nor do we change decisions within the right of the government entity.

  • We suggest directives in successfully interacting with government entities supplying services that maintain or enhance a residence living (i.e. HRA). 
  • We ensure the recipient in need understand their rights within the laws, policy and guidelines of the agency, and contribute legitimate contacts to settle the issue (s) within contact’s authority.
  • Each issue will be reviewed and responded to within 24 -48 hours of receipt; a political issue specialist will contact you and address your situation one-on-one as a neutral party.
  • Follow up every 72 hours is provided until case is satisfied or discontinued by client or specialist; whichever comes first.

American Cancer Society Strides Walk

The Big DayOctober 14th, 2018
87 days to go.
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