Each division and subdivision of our organization caters to meeting the challenges associated with political, social and/or economic conditions and awareness.

  1. We are a collaborative platform for people to exercise their ideas, frustrations, and dissatisfactions of administrative government agencies operations, with other Bronxites facing similar situations of government inadequate conducts.
  2. Support those in need of public services with the know-how of interacting, understanding their rights, and complying with government agencies and community based organization systems and processes.
  3. Deliver social and economic programs required for a community and people to thrive.
  4. Continuously bring awareness of government and community based organizations activities to strengthen advocacy opposing legislative bodies in implementing, reforming, and amending laws that are not in the best interest of the people, community and Bronx County.

The People’s Voice – Politics/Advocacy

  • Unify and amplifying the people and their voice!   We unite people of color, products of social steering and economic inequality,to be proactive versus reactive to political issues that affect the collective.  We organize civically to change public policy disparities.

Present Your Best DivisionEconomic (Career & Business Services)

  • Workforce Intelligence is a must to successfully become employed.  Our services run the gambit from writing to marketing to positioning we deliver the tools and most of the the RIGHT concept to finding employment in today’s economy – Globalized. Knowledge of recruiting trends and demands, processes and techniques, and methodology of an ideal candidate is the key to finding a job, developing a career and being successful. INVEST IN YOURSELF!

Awareness Division– Charity

  • Awareness is a magazine print and online platform for charities and foundations helping people with chronic illnesses and diseases. Through education and exposure of research, fundraising, resources, big players, needs and so much more we maximize efforts, increase awareness and bridge the gap. The gap between populace and populous communities are met to ensure maximized efforts are made towards cures and health.

BxSupports– Relief Program

  • Emergency response team that helps people impacted by natural disasters with the resources they need.

CHAMPIONS – Recreation

  • Coming Soon!  Boxing is the most disciplined sport outside of Karate.  Champions build community leaders through the sport of boxing. It contributes to a strong cognitive process and results required to live as law abiding citizens.  The CHAMPIONS division is for our youth but open to adults.

American Cancer Society Strides Walk

The Big DayOctober 14th, 2018
87 days to go.
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