Inspiring Youth

 Remedying the overwhelming social and economic disparities in the Northeast Bronx among our youth.  Education seem so far fetched and the reality is without it they are destine for failure. The alarming amount of youth 16-21 without an education, lacking the mental ability or capacity to think, make sound decisions, preserver and succeed answers why our prisons are so overcrowded and why juvenile detention centers are saturated with our future.  The opportunities to become an honorable person are slim to none but the opportunity to indulge in the wrong behavior is in abundance.

Strong leaders are a product of a powerful cognition resulting in the ability to think soundly, make wise decisions, behave and act accordingly, regulate emotions, synthesize information, and possess growth oriented mindsets.  We build leaders!  We cater to high school students failing and in jeopardy of not graduating as well as high school graduates lacking college and/or career readiness.  Since we are aware of the youth being our future why not provide the psychological tools and ability to Be Great and Achieve Greatness!

 High school student’s grades 9th – 10th participate in self-awareness and development workshops. The workshop provides an in-depth understanding of who they are by examining a collage of self-objective driven exercises and psychological test (personality and learning-style assessments). They will engage in stimulus activities building social, behavioral and networking skills and more so learn how to use their weakness as strengths. Students develop favorable traits and build strong characteristics contributing to a life time of success

Student’s grades 11-12 learn and develop emotional intelligence. Self-knowledge explores who (mindset-mentality) they are by how (personality) they operate (behave, think, conceptualize, and perceive). High School seniors, soon to be young adults,identify and establish goals; characterize who they are, what they want to be (subjective view), and uncover the recipe to their success. Purpose is determined and the way is paved through personal and professional development of self.

It is imperative to properly develop young men and women in order to understand the process of becoming successful. More so having the outlet and access to those outlets contributes to success being obtainable; as maturing adults responsibility and accountability are products of building the right characteristics.


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