We treat the devastating numbers of formerly incarcerated women and men returning to communities with little to no transitional services.  We service the Northeast Bronx but not limited to; nevertheless, the best help is in the community in which the formerly incarcerated return to. Transitional services are scarce in such communities if available at all and with all the challenges face when reentering society they are not equipped nor prepared to be self-sufficient as a result they are unable to attend services that are available outside their community adding insult to injury the formerly incarcerated have not knowledge or means to the services they are entitled too.  The Department of Justice research states 85% of offenders face recidivism within six-months, this reenactment of offender to ex-offender to offender again can be decreased significantly if the resources are easily accessible as well as in their immediate area to make sure the success of ex-offenders return is a reality and not a fallacy.

Our program will pre-qualify and direct the re-entry population to the services unique to their needs and situation; such as housing, employment training, health and medical facilities, mentoring programs, and much more. In addition; we will offer group mentoring sessions and “Know Your Rights” informative seminars monthly. Once a week we will conduct self-advocacy training and provide resources, information, support and guidance daily.  Delivering the information they need according to their unique situation will promote and increase positive interaction within the community ensuring reentering offenders obtain adequate services by complying with systems and conduct themselves in a civilize manner in which society expects and benefits from.

Offenders Reentry Awareness Program equip offender’s re-entering into District 12 communities with the tools they need to be successful.  In our town and not across town philosophy yields a better success rate; eliminating excuses to succeed and fostering hope, determination, and confidence. We want to ensure that their second chance is not set-up for them to fail but excel and become and be considered law abiding citizens, again.   Our guidance and assistance will help them understand, navigate and comply with government administrative services and community organizations system processes and procedures to obtain the goods and services they are entitled too in timely and just manner to help them; transition back into society, adapt rapidly and be productive.

  • Employment Readiness Training/Consultation
  • Referral and Retention Services
  • Supportive Housing Assistance
  • Transportation (metrocards)
  • Job Placement and Career Development
  • Social Service/Entitlement (Advocacy)
  • TASC (GED) & College Preparation
  • Mentoring and Collaboration Groups



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