Our programs are designed to me the unique social and economic disparities due to lack of vital services, resources, opportunities, and information in developing a healthy community (people).

ORAP “Offender’s Reentry Awareness Program” helps formerly incarcerated individuals ages 16 and older with felonies transition back into the community they are reentering – District 12.  It is a vigorous self-sufficiency program that assist reentries reestablish their lives by overcoming the strenuous law barriers in employment, education and housing that orchestrate recidivism.

Inspiring Youth is a juvenile prevention and alternative path ways program for youth 16 – 24 in trouble with the law or in society stay out of trouble and on the right track to success. Inspiring Youth guides career paths through character development and building.

HOPE “Helping Our People Elevate” assist the law abiding citizens in low-income communities experiencing social and economic barriers, due to the lack of vital social & economic services, gain self-sufficiency by way of employment and self-advocacy.

BRAVE “Building Relationships Against Violence Everyday” is a network of professionals, organizations and even survivors who lend their resources to help individuals/families impacted by domestic abuse gain confidence and independence.  BRAVE one year program help battered victims with sisterhood and fellowship necessary to be BRAVE and beat abuse.

Build A Reader…

Raise the BAR!

Build A Reader book club program addresses illiteracy according to age and interest.  BAR members will meet monthly for group discussions on the book being read and will meet Quarterly with a special guest combating literacy to host a Raise the Bar session and discuss in details the reading, its difficulty, comprehension and building vocabulary.   There will be an award ceremony to recognize our readers who raise the bar.   The BAR program is open to all ages.


American Cancer Society Strides Walk

The Big DayOctober 14th, 2018
87 days to go.
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