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THURSDAY’S @ 6:00 PM | Host: Author Mikex Hinton & “The Truth” Nichole Singleton

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Real Talk Blog Live RTBL | 100% Candid online blog talk radio show publicizes the people’s voice; your needs, concerns, and matters are discussed, expressed, and shared among others across-Bronx county while Identifying accountability and responsibility within our communities from the people to our local elected officials.

“The Truth” will be broadcast about the state of the Black culture, community and people in America, today. 

  1. We examine black history, discover, learn, explore and share views, insights, opinions, experience and more to unveil the damages done and apply healing to our brothers and sisters.
  2. We don’t judge and we invite and respect everyone’s perception. Let’s analyze the Black community problems of unjust treatment, bias government system and injustice of the judicial system causing grave disparities.
  3. We speak the truth about the State of Black Americans and solutions our communities need in order to survive and prevail. #BlackLivesMatter @Livesmatter


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The Big DayOctober 14th, 2018
87 days to go.
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