Why We ARE!


Purpose:  merge Bronxites communities encompassing district 12, particularly NYCHA developments to become proactive versus reactive on government issues that unfavorably impact the social and economic health of the community as a whole (county), and not separately (by district) through gatherings (meetings) and forums (discussions).

Mission: supply transparency and simplicity of government operations, procedures and processes holding government officials and agencies accountable and responsible for destitute services and performance.

  • Deliver people driven statistics of city service deficiencies, abuse of authority, and misappropriated funds of programs that are concealed, unsuccessful, and useless.

Vision: knowledge is power!  Provide a collaborative approach of network outlets to increase bravery, motivation, and involvement in the Bronx local government operations, decisions, and plans of the people.

  • We aim to equip those in need of government assistance with accurate and in-time information that enables them to advocate against government bureaucracy.
  • Equip the people through teaching that strengthens their knowledge and courage to fight “as one” for righteousness and public policies reform.

Engine: Engaged constituents in developing a thriving community, strong economy, and healthy society.

  • We empower and amplify the people’s voices on matters, needs, and concerns hindering forward movement, independence, and opportunities; and shed light on the injustice of government practices in providing information, resources, and services required to the public in securing their well-being.



American Cancer Society Strides Walk

The Big DayOctober 14th, 2018
87 days to go.
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